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We offer a fascinating school tour for students who are interested in law and history. Our itinerary includes a selection of legal institutions around the city, such as the Old Bailey and the Middle Temple. London has been at the forefront of the English-speaking world for over 2,000 years, and is brimming with attractions and landmarks that are perfect for history and law students.

Bring Law & History to Life

Give students a chance to learn more about the British legal system by visiting some of the country’s historic courts. Experience a real court session at the Central Criminal Court and tour other well-known London Courts, such as the Old Bailey, the Supreme Court, and the Royal Courts of Justice. Students will also get the opportunity to meet with a current Magistrate for a question-and-answer session.

Our itinerary also includes an epic tour of the Parliamentary Education Centre, during which students will venture into parliament-themed learning rooms, participate in augmented reality experiences, and familiarise themselves with 360° projections and sound technology.

“The School Travel Company take all stress out of organising the finer details of the trip. The itinerary suits the needs of the group perfectly.”
Buckingham Palace
Learn London’s past on crime and punishment


DAY *1*
You’ll travel by private coach from your school to London, where you’ll first visit one of the most famous criminal courts in the world: The Old Bailey/Centre Criminal Court. Afterwards, you’ll check in to your accommodation.
DAY *2*
In the morning, you’ll visit the Middle Temple (one of the four Inns of Court), and then go to the Magistrates Association for a question-and-answer session. Lastly, you’ll go on an informative visit to the Houses of Parliament.
DAY *3*
On the final day, you’ll depart from your accommodation after breakfast and visit the Supreme Court. Subsequently, you’ll go to the Royal Courts of Justice and then head back to school.
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