Blog Top Picks for Language School Trips: Germany’s Rhine Valley

If you’re a German language teacher, you’ll already know the benefits of taking secondary school students on a trip to Germany. But what region of the country is best for improving students’ speaking abilities and increasing their cultural awareness?

While you may be inclined to introduce German language students to the tourist hubs of Berlin or Munich, we at The School Travel Company are big proponents of planning a trip to the idyllic Rhine Valley. From charming castles and churches to mysterious legends, this region is steeped in rich traditions that offer telling insights into the story of Germany’s past, present, and future. Along with maintaining its authentic, historical charm, little English is spoken throughout the region, enabling students to let go of their inhibitions and practise their German.

4 Nights in the Rhine Valley

Our four-night Rhine Valley residential aims to expand students’ horizons by providing them with a deeper understanding of German history and culture. By organising this trip for young minds, you’re sure to heighten their enthusiasm and motivation for learning German back in the classroom, as well as giving them the opportunity to form a direct connection to their studies. While our itinerary can be tailored to suit your group’s needs, it includes several activities and attractions that are guaranteed to peak your students’ interest and engagement.

Panoramic Views

Help your students get their bearings by pointing out the region’s biggest landmarks. A sure-fire way to start your trip on a high note is by treating your class to soaring views of the area. We recommend opting for chairlift rides at Boppard, from where you’ll be able to see the Deutsches Eck, and at Rüdesheim, which takes you up to the renowned Germania Monument (Niederwalddenkmal). While these cable car rides are entertaining, they’re also highly educational, as you’ll be able to enhance the breathtaking views of landmarks by elaborating on their historical background and significance.

Fortress Ehrenbreitstein

Following your cable car ride at Boppard, we recommend visiting the Deutsches Eck, where the Mosel famously meets the Rhine. After capturing the stunning views on camera, head to the opposite bank of the river, which is home to the imposing Ehrenbreitstein. This fortress is the second largest in Europe (after Gibraltar in Spain); although it wasn’t built until the nineteenth century, the site dates all the way back to Neolithic times. In addition to teaching your students more about the history of the influential German state of Prussia, the fortress gives students an insight into the area’s pre-historic roots.

Siegfried’s Musikkabinett

Along with uncovering the famous gems of the Rhine Valley, we like to include an off-the-beaten-track attraction in our itinerary. Past classes have enjoyed our visit to Siegfrieds Musikkabinett in the town of Rüdesheim, which boasts one of the biggest collections of mechanical music boxes in the world. With the help of a short guided tour, students will learn about the societal significance of music in Germany today and in centuries past, enabling them to learn something about German culture that might never come up in your classroom.


While German language trips are primarily educational, we believe that they’re also a valuable time for students to foster stronger relationships with their classmates and teachers. To allow your class to process what they’ve learned, it’s best not to overwhelm them with new information – and to reward them for their attentiveness! On your last full day in the Rhine Valley, we suggest treating your students to a visit to Phantasialand, which is second largest theme park in Germany. From adrenaline-fuelled roller coasters to a variety of live performances, students are certain to connect with you and their classmates over how much fun they’re having… in German, of course! 

The Rhine Valley not only lets students put their German language skills to the test, but also introduces them to some of the country’s most famous and authentic attractions. With the help of our four-night residential, you can make the history and culture of this fascinating region come to life for language learners, who are sure to apply their heightened understanding of the region to their future studies. To find out more about this educational and fun-filled trip, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team today.

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