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I am a new member of the School Travel Company and having recently completed my college course, high school is still a fresh and very fond memory. I had some unforgettable experiences during my time at school and thought this a great opportunity to talk about one of my favourites – my school trip to Paris and unforgettable adventure in Parc Astérix!


Before we arrived at the hotel, we went into Paris and on the Bateaux-Mouches river cruise which gave us a great opportunity for taking photos of the Eiffel Tower, as the river flows right past the famous monument. After this we went up the Montparnasse Tower, which is even taller than the Eiffel Tower, making it another fantastic spot for photos! We captured loads of really good shots of the scenery and several pictures with the tower in it too.

Day 1


On our first full day we went to Disneyland® Paris. The atmosphere was magical and everything was themed which was really fun! Despite a few queues, my friends and I managed to go on the fantastic rides such as Space Mountain, The Indiana Jones Ride and Storm Thunder Mountain! Next, we watched the show which was truly magical, as you’d expect from Disneyland! After the show, some of my friends queued to meet the Disney Princesses and have their photos taken with them while a few of us went to get lunch early. The restaurants were also themed differently which made it great experience for us.

Day 2

Parc Astérix

Today we visited Parc Astérix, which was definitely my favourite part of the trip. It has everything a student would look for, fun rides, historical characters and short queues. This bespoke theme park is based on the comics “Astérix the Gaul”, which explores French history with fun and humour. This is a perfect chance for students studying French to get some practice and immerse themselves in some history! The park is very cultural unlike many other iconic theme parks.

The moment I arrived I was instantly impressed by the range of rides the park had to offer. From some of the biggest in Europe, (quite nerve racking for several of my friends due to our age!), to mini rollercoasters in SOS Numerobis, perfect for smaller children and students who aren’t as keen going on the bigger rides. There are Astérix characters walking around the park greeting everybody and you can even have your photo taken with your favourites free of charge with no queueing! Throughout the day my friends and I were having a blast! After the previous day, it was really refreshing to have barely any queues. Dinner time was fun and easy, the restaurants are themed in the historical periods that some of the characters are based in and the meals were great value.

As well as being a fun and rewarding treat for their hard work at school, it also gives teachers a chance to turn this visit into an educational one. Subjects that can relate to this park include:

  • French language and culture
  • History
  • Geography
  • Performing arts

Parc Astérix or Disneyland® Paris?

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Need help planning your next trip?

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To summarise my personal experience at Parc Astérix I would describe it as unforgettable, and an unmissable opportunity for students. I think it is a shame that so few teachers are aware of the opportunities this park holds. I have written this blog to encourage this unusual visit as an alternative to, or as well as your typical school trip to Paris and Disneyland, and to make teachers aware of how amazing a place it is for their students. I know that the theme park may not be the place a student would first choose to visit, a feeling that I had myself. But now I have experienced it, my head has been completely turned and I can see it from both a student and adult perspective. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Parc Astérix for any teacher organising a school trip to Paris, and would hope that they’ll love it just as much as I did!