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Passports and visas

Passports (and for some countries, visas) are essential to consider when you’re planning an overseas school trip.

Requirements vary from country to country, and so it can be difficult to know what exactly you and/or your students need to do.

We’ve collated some details below to help you find out what you need to know and where to find further information. Two key sources of UK Government information are:

Passports and Travel Advice

Please remember that, as stated in our Booking Conditions section 22.1  “It is your responsibility to check and comply with any travel, passport, visa, entry, health, vaccination, testing and immigration requirements applicable to your booking. ”

We cannot accept liability for any costs incurred due to incorrect passports and visas.

So, please  – Don’t Leave It Too Late!


First things first is ensuring that each member of your group has a valid passport for travel and making sure you allow enough time for any new passport applications to be processed.

Some countries require that your passport be valid for up to 6 months beyond your return date so don’t forget to check expiry dates and get any renewals done in plenty of time before the trip. 

This link gives you up-to-date details on entry requirements and passport validity information for each country along with travel advice.

You should find answers to any questions about getting or renewing a UK Passport here.

Collective (Group) Passports

If your group are all British nationals and under 18 years old on the return date, it may be possible to apply for a collective passport for the whole group! They cost £39 and you should allow 6 weeks for the process. Read more here.

You can travel to the following countries on a group passport: Austria, Denmark, France, Italy, Malta, Norway, Spain, Switzerland


Before travel, you should find out if the country you’re visiting will require a visa for entry. You can use this link to check for each country.


Currently, UK citizens are covered by a Schengen visa waiver, and visas are not required for short-term visits, but this will change if the EU brings in the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) for non-EU citizens, planned for 2024.  The fee will be €7.  To find more go to:

Passport requirements have changed a little, particularly with respect to the expiry date of the passport. Check out the details on the website here.

EU countries for students with non-EU passports

For those of you travelling in the EU with students who have non-EU passports, requirements can vary from country to country. The British Council has a page entitled “Travel to other parts of Europe – Guidance for schools” which you can find here.


You can apply for an Indian Visa from the official website here:

Fees: As of August 2023, a 30-day visa costs USD10 (Apr-Jun) or USD20 (Jul-Mar). A one-year visa USD40, and a five-year visa USD80.

Before you apply, you must hold a passport with at least 6-months’ validity.

You must apply online maximum of 30 days and a minimum of 4 days in advance of your date of arrival.


Visitors must apply in advance for an Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). As of August 2023 the fee is USD21. For information and online applications click here.


Any visas and passports are the responsibility of, and will need to be organised by, the individual (or, as appropriate, their parent/guardian).  You can always contact our team for general help and advice with planning your school trip by phone – 01384 398 893 –  or email

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