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There is no need to look abroad for school trip ideas centred on discovering the prehistoric world of dinosaurs and fossils. Planning a trip to one of these highly-recommended destinations could give your students an opportunity to study a real dinosaur skeleton or unearth unique fossils – all a budding palaeontologist will need to ignite a passion to last a lifetime.
Our museum-based tours enable students to see large specimens first-hand and take part in workshops where they can put information learned in the classroom into practice and build on their existing knowledge. Fossil hunts let pupils get their hands dirty whilst using their skills to describe and identify their finds.

Super Skeletons

We have two fantastic school trip ideas ideal for teachers who want their students to get to grips with dinosaur skeletons. Pictures in textbooks are all very well, but you’ll agree that there is nothing like seeing the towering skeleton of a huge dinosaur in person!

London Museums Day Trip

On our London Museums Day Trip, students could have the chance to visit the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum. Here is just a selection of what is on display in the Dinosaurs Gallery:

  • The skull of a Triceratops
  • The egg of an Oviraptor
  • The first Tyrannosaurus rex fossil ever found

We can also arrange for your group to take part in a number of workshops and educational activities at the museum. The Dino Scene Investigation, for example, gives students the chance to don goggles and take part in their very own fossil dig, learning about the specimens they discover in excavation boxes. They will then attempt to discover which species their fossils came from by observing and drawing bone structures.

Your class may also enjoy putting on white lab coats as part of the self-guided Dino Scientist activity. The Natural History Museum provides students with workbooks to help them interpret and analyse exhibits, covering themes such as bones, movement, feeding, adaptation and improving your students’ scientific working. Teachers are given an educator’s guide to help their pupils.

Two Nights in Edinburgh

Alternatively, take a look at our Edinburgh tour for a chance to introduce your students to the National Museum of Scotland’s T-rex. At 12 metres long, this life-sized cast is sure to impress young dino-enthusiasts. The museum runs an excellent Dinosaur Discovery workshop, encouraging pupils to work in groups and discover more about palaeontology.

The workshop has the following benefits:

  • Students can handle real fossils, as well as replicas and images.
  • Pupils discover how palaeontologists use fossil evidence and make their own deductions about size, diet, date and characteristics of their mystery dinosaur.
  • There is the opportunity for presentation work as the groups report on their findings to their classmates.
Edinburgh From CA lton Hill

Fabulous Fossils

Our recommended destinations for teachers looking for fossil-related school trip ideas both involve students getting their hands on real fossils. Your class will get nice and sandy taking part in their own fossil hunt! These educational visits are about getting out in the fresh air and discovering the ancient geography of the UK. These tours are well-suited to classes with lots of energy who enjoy hands-on learning.

Isle of Wight Geography Tour

Our Isle of Wight Geography trip includes a thrilling fossil hunt with ‘The Fossil Man’, Martin Hunt. Martin is a well-known local expert on Cretaceous fossil crustaceans and adapts his specialist knowledge perfectly for eager young minds. The group will visit one of five beaches selected by Martin on this school trip. Ideas about how fossils are formed, and how they come to be lying on a beach on the Isle of Wight, are explored during the hunt.

The Isle of Wight is one of the best places in the UK to find remains from the Cretaceous period. Here is what your students could discover:

  • Dinosaur bones and teeth
  • Dinosaur footprints
  • Insect fossils
  • Fish remains
  • Ammonites
  • Brachiopods
  • Bivalves
  • Mammal and reptile remains
  • Plants and seeds

Scarborough Geography Experience

On our Scarborough Geography trip, pupils will explore East Yorkshire’s famous Dinosaur Coast and experience the magic of discovering remains formed millions of years ago. Along with ammonites aplenty, this coastline plays host to dinosaur footprints from tens of different species.

When discussing school trip ideas, teachers often mention the need for pairing engaging interactive activities with more traditional learning. A great way to support your pupils’ beach findings in Scarborough is to pay a visit to the Rotunda Museum. Their Dinosaur Workshop encourages pupils to compare a range of fossils, rocks and soils, covering both fossil formation and the rock cycle.

TOP TIP: The Rotunda Museum is introducing a brand-new Jurassic Seas exhibition in 2018.


If you’re ready to see our fun dinosaur school trip ideas come to life, give our friendly team a call. The School Travel Company has a diverse range of UK school trip itineraries to suit your needs – our destination knowledge is indispensable if you’re planning a dinosaur-centric experience!

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